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The Opportunities Party is ready to build a fair economy in New Zealand, where all of us can afford the essentials, work is rewarded and those doing it toughest are fairly supported.

Find out how our policy to Save income tax, Shift tax brackets and Switch to a land value tax will affect your bottom line by answering the questions below.

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How much does your household earn? Give each earner's annual income before tax.

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Do you own property?

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Under TOP's Fair Tax policy, your tax bill will be $0 less per year (or $0 each week).

We know this is a hard sell. No-one wants to pay more tax and taxing land is big policy change for a culture and economy built on home ownership. But it’s the right thing to do. To fix our dysfunctional housing market and invest in the next generation of Kiwis, we have to rebalance our tax system. We’re also committed to ensuring your tax dollars don’t go to waste through our Democracy & Governance reform.

Our plan for a Fair Tax System will boost income from work and rebalance the tax system to ensure that everyone, not just workers, are paying their fair share. Here’s how it works:

Save - your first $15,000 earned is tax-free.

Shift - five new brackets will replace the current tax thresholds.

Switch - a land value tax at 0.75% of the value of urban residential land, paid annually.

Support - Kiwis doing it toughest are supported through a series of targeted welfare reforms.

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